Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

Hello Journeyers! 

I’ve been running myself ragged this past month, closing on projects and starting new ones. Who was I kidding?! I am home now with a dry cough recuperating from the flu. I slept so much these past few days, it was a blur. Hmm. Anybody care to join in now? lol

The view from my kitchen window this morning. snow

12-12 is an important day for us. It is a time of great renewal for the soul. The easiest way for us to receive is by going outside to feel and integrate the new light/energy coming in.

Remember to keep your heart open to allow more light/love to enter your being and let it radiate it out.

We’re becoming a new version of ourselves energetically, and now our emotional, physical body is playing catch up.

Be gentle with yourself. 

Some of you may be awakened in the night. If so, write down your thoughts. If you can’t go back to sleep, listen to soft music/sounds to drift back.

Have you noticed any shifts or changes? Vivid dreams, more sleepy, etc.?  Please share.