How to Prepare for Our Session

Going over some common intentions and questions can help you get ready for our session.

Common focus points for session intentions

• Life Path or Soul Purpose
• Employment/Career
• Relationships – Love Life, Family, Work, Neighbors, etc.
• Health issues / Stress / Pain
• Repeating Patterns of any type
• Connection to Higher Realms/Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Soul Family, etc.
• Mysteries or Missing Time
• Cosmic Focus – ET’s, Angels, etc.
• Ascension Questions, Personal or Universal
• Root Cause of any problem or troubling issue

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself for additional insight

• What would you prefer to be different or improved in your life?
• Are there “patterns” in your life that you seem to repeat? Any addictions, trauma?
• Do you have relationship patterns with others that you seem to replay over and over again? 
• How is your physical health? Do you have anxiety, panic attacks, illness, injury, pain, etc?
• Do you have disturbing dreams?
• Are there yearnings or dreams or goals that you have in your life that are yet unrealized?
• Do you seem to spend a lot of time pleasing others or working towards other’s ideas or goals?
• Can I meet my spirit guide, guardian angel or totem?
• Do you have great interest or curiosity about any specific subject in your life in which you would like more information?

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