What to Expect in our Session

Helps you to see your mission and purpose in this life
Aligns you to your original Divine plan
Brings balance and harmony to your being and to your life
Raises your frequency and awareness
Opens and activates your chakras
Removes blockages from your chakras
Balances your meridians and energy pathways
Cleanses your aura and seals any gaps or tears
Removal of lower vibrational energies/entities
Releases unresolved karma 
Addresses imbalances of the energy and wounds that need to be resolved
affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical and your energetic bodies to come into alignment
Opens the gateways of communication to your higher self and universal consciousness
Offers guidance for your life

Healing continues for many days or even weeks after the session and clients may often feel huge shifts in their thinking and way of being after this time.

For your first session, you have a choice to include a Soul Path Reading, discovering the universal rays that drive your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and challenges in your life.

***I also offer the Soul Path Reading as a separate user friendly email reading.***

Method of payment is Cash, Venmo or Paypal.

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