What to Expect in Your Session

  • Helps you to see your mission and purpose in this life
  • Aligns you to your Divine plan
  • Brings balance and harmony to your being and to your life
  • Raises your frequency and awareness
  • Opens and activates your chakras
  • Removes blockages from your chakras
  • Balances your meridians and energy pathways
  • Cleanses your aura and seals any gaps or tears
  • Removal of lower vibrational energies/entities
  • Releases unresolved karma 
  • Addresses imbalances of the energy and wounds that need to be resolved
  • Affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical and your energetic bodies to come into alignment
  • Opens the gateways of communication to your higher self and universal consciousness
  • Offers guidance for your life

When I met Bernice, she gave me the guidance that I needed at that time. I was holding on to things that didn’t serve me anymore. Bernice brought me clarity, and I felt more at ease with life. Through her work, I was able to find my self-worth and inner strength. I am grateful to have been recommended to meet with her. I would recommend Bernice to anyone. ~ JD

Soul Path Reading

I also offer a Soul Path Reading which highlights the universal rays that drive your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and challenges in your life in a separate user friendly email reading.

Method of payment is Cash, Venmo or Paypal.

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