Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-dimensional healing are spontaneous channeling of communication and healing from higher dimensions such as ascended masters of light, angelic realm, our higher selves and guides, to shift your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Bernice incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit based on her intuitive guidance. She utilizes multiple quantum healing modalities and techniques such as hypnotherapy, Universal Rays, Light Language, Arcturian Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki to assist clients reach their optimal healing.


This healing therapy affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical and your energetic bodies to come into alignment. It allows you to release unresolved karma and limiting beliefs through love and forgiveness. It will raise your vibration and frequency and expand your consciousness. It may involve rescuing soul fragments and removing attachments/entities. Step by step, you will reintegrate yourself into wholeness to allow the energies of love, peace, harmony and freedom to fill your heart.

In a safe and sacred space, completely relaxed and free of judgment, Bernice will intuitively seek messages and guidance which may include crystals, light language, sounding, and/or singing bowls.

All sessions are online via zoom in the comfort of your home.

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