Integrated Energy Therapy – IET

Integrated Energy Therapy – IET
IET is a gentle yet powerful hands-on healing therapy. It awakens and releases any blockages in the energy flow in the body that can cause imbalance and dis-ease.

IETIET is a channeled energy therapy. Light pressure is used on points on the body to release any blocked energy. Angelic healing energy is invited in and channeled to nine cellular memory areas of the body. These locations include the major organ and endocrine systems of the body as well as the chakras.

It is a safe and gentle healing for anyone undergoing treatment for illness and someone who is pregnant (which also benefits the baby).

How long is the Session and how much does it cost?
An IET session lasts from one to one and a half hours in length. The person receiving relaxes, fully clothed, on a massage table with a pillow or bolster under their knees to protect the lower back from undue stress. Blankets and extra pillows are also available to increase comfort. The recipient remains comfortably positioned and facing up for the entire session.

* In person session only -New York area  $80 US Dollars