We are the Ultimate Creators

We are the Ultimate Creators

We are the ultimate creators, and when we are still operating and creating from lower vibrations, EVERYTHING gets distorted. That is the nature of the reality of the matrix. Everything is backward and upside down, and the truth is we created it that way. Now it is time to un-create it.

After our weekly walk, a friend of mine, who I love dearly, voiced her concerns about our planet; global warming, our government, gun control, etc. The conversation eased its way into how can we assist?

We agreed one way we can help is by volunteering our services in our local town/county/state and becoming active.

Another way to assist is to first work on ourselves. We are all connected as a collective, and as one shifts, it affects everyone and everything on Earth. What happens on Earth affects the whole universe.

The self-work involves shifting internally. We can feel for those shifts within us and spread the light and love that we find within so that others may benefit from our expanded consciousness, from our new perspective, and create the changes we want to see in our world.

Enjoy your week ahead Journeyers and create from Love!