Remain Calm Within the Storm

Remain Calm Within the Storm

I received the following message a few days ago.

It is time to BE

To live from your heart

To speak, think and act from a place of love as you all came to do

When darkness looms, remember to stand tall, shine your light and let it not waiver.

With Intention:

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Acknowledging you already have Gifts

Acknowledging  you already have Gifts

We all have gift(s) to be of service to others. Acknowledging it and developing that muscle is another story. Many may hold a belief that their potential gift or purpose has to be a phenomenon as the parting of the red sea led by Moses, but it usually is something as simple as:

Being kind, having compassion, being present, taking time out to meditate and pray to raise our vibration, being a good listener, being grounded, and having a connection to God / Source in our heart.

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