Home Alone

Home Alone

I’m writing this post while watching “Homeland” and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

When hubs mentioned he was going out with a friend of his and I was going to have the house to myself, I was like, yes!  I haven’t had the house to myself in so long I had it all worked out.

Doing that load of laundry
Doing that second load of laundry
Taking my dog for a 10-mile run
Baking a cheesecake from scratch
Writing naked
Nailing that impossible one hand yoga pose
Reading holy books
You know where I’m going with this

Here’s how my day looked.

Taking my dog in the backyard
Laying on the couch
Checking emails
Watching trashy television
Eating yesterday’s leftover,
Chocolate muffin and coffee,
and potato chips with dip

Dammit…he just called. He’ll be home in less than an hour. Oh well, I better pick up the crumbs I left behind. 

I’ll try to solve world peace another day.

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