Are You Afraid of Death?

I’m going to attend another wake tonight. The person who passed away is my friends mother from the class I attend. Within a short period, seven out of twenty of my classmates have had a family member cross over. I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t living it.

Most people are afraid of death, since, in their limited reality, dying means they no longer exist. They believe this is their one life and there is nothing after this one except one huge void.  My father instilled in me a sense of uneasiness of dying growing up. Who can blame him? But as I got older, I realized this was his belief…not mine.


I’ve come across people who are religious and are afraid to die because, despite all their ‘good deeds’ in their lifetime, they don’t want to take the chance of being condemned to hell.

I’ve pondered deeply on the meaning of life more than I can count and I bet there is not one human being out there who hasn’t done the same. Its lead me to the profound and very powerful realization that there is a much deeper meaning than just survival as a human.

I have come to a place of understanding and grace knowing that we are much bigger and grander than our earthly existence. Our bodies “die” but our spirit lives on.

If you have some anxiety of death, look at it this way, enjoy the life you are experiencing today.

E-motions are Energy in Motion

E-motions are Energy in Motion

E-motions are energy in motion flowing through you.

Emotions – fear, anger, sadness, hate, love, etc. – were given to you to tell you something is held deeply within you that requires your attention because something is or is not balanced.

If you choose to become the observer and acknowledge the message sent to you instead of reacting to it, you will discover that the deeper you delve in your emotions, the richer your life experience will be.

The toughest part of mastering your emotions is willing to spend some time with them. That’s the tricky part, isn’t it? Some feelings you simply don’t want to feel. However, emotions are not meant to be erased or ‘controlled,’ they were intended to be experienced. If not, they will eventually become a ball of trapped energy linked to a disease. So dive right in.


Fear is probably one of the most limiting of all emotions (panic attacks, stress, etc). When the mind reacts to it, it may make you angry, defensive and above all, close your heart.

Fear is YOUR energy created by YOU. I had to wrap my head around this for a while until it made sense and become my truth.

Instead of trying to chase the fear away, send it love. Acknowledge that you have fear. In other words, honor the emotion.


When you open your heart to receive these messages without being overwhelmed by your reaction, you will discover your truth, the cause of the symptom. 

Energy will move in whatever direction we intend it to. This is why we must learn to appreciate, take responsibility for and be grateful for each experience.  Emotions drive us, they determine our life experience, affect all of our choices and through them we decide what we will do next.