A Conversation with God

Me: Hey God.
God: Hello.
Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?
God: I would rather not.
Me: Why?
God: Because you aren’t a puzzle.
Me: What about all of the pieces of my life that are falling onto the ground?

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Thought For the Day – Is it 5G or Not?

In the past few days, I’ve received numerous videos from friends about a possible underlying reason behind the virus. COVID-19 is caused by 5G. 

Videos are flooding YouTube from various accounts with this narrative and YouTube are taking an effort to take down these videos since they are “providing misinformation”.  Where is our Freedom of Speech here?   

Some 5G theorists contend the coronavirus is not the problem. Yes, we see symptoms of a virus. However, what we are not aware of is what is causing those symptoms.

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