Release your child-like essence within

Lately, I’ve been contemplating on where my next adventure in life is going to lead me. I gave the analogy at the office the other day that I am on a roller coaster ride with both hands in the air and the car is ready to take its first dip – taking me down fast.

I sat in meditation/prayer and this is what I received – Being and seeing with the eyes of a child.

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Mother Earth Is Changing And So Are We

Now is an opportune time to access higher levels of truth, opening our hearts, and listening for the whispers of our next direction. It will happen naturally when we put our relationship with God and inner spirit before anything else.

So much going on now with our beloved planet, Earth. She is in a state of transition, and so are we.

I can’t go outside or put on the tv or radio without listening to the other person’s sense of judgment, blame, and possibly hate-spewing out of their mouths.

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