It’s Time for Some Heaving Lifting

“You know what truly aches? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out.” ~ ― Karen Quan 

Telling ourselves to stay in the light and to focus on the positive is not going to work much. We’re being asked to get real. We’re being asked to dig deep within ourselves and do some heavy lifting. We’re being asked to step into our power and be in our truth.

We can only do that by honoring who we are in this moment and what we are feeling. Anything less is just another layer of identification that we have added while on this journey. We must honor all parts of the light, the dark and ourselves.

It is time to reflect and resolve the issues that continues to bubble up for us. The pain we’ve denied buried deep within is asking to be released. It’s time to open our hearts wider and begin to heal at a deeper level.

Many of us built and maintained a defense system that retains the pain and locks out Love.

Fears need to be released, doubts banished and speak, not what has been taught and accepted, but what is known as so in the heart.

It means replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘I can.’ It means replacing ‘I shouldn’t’ with ‘I may.’ It means replacing “but” with “and”.

Acknowledge what is asking to arise, make space for it, and let it flow through you, like grief. It cannot be rushed. Accepting to understand or recall its origins stops the flow and traps you in a seemingly endless loop. 

Release the emotion even it’s painful or embarrassing.  Shed the tears, scream if you have to, and experience it. Allow it to flow.

You’ll notice there will be room for Love to fill and heal that empty space within you.

Much love xo  Bernice

43 thoughts on “It’s Time for Some Heaving Lifting

  1. But can you ever really get rid of all of it?! Sometimes I think I’ve dealt with some issues a billion times and they still keep coming up. Maybe I need to be more diligent.

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  2. This is really great because it’s true! I had a traumatic experience that I needed to work through but I didn’t want to because it hurt too much. When I finally did the work, it was hard and painful, but I came out on the other side strong and happy. And I know I’m totally healed because I can talk about it without crying and I also have no anger left, only compassion for the person that hurt me so badly. I was finally free.

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  3. Good post Bernice, but I was initially attracted to it because I thought we were going to be talking about weight 🙂 However, one does have to dig very deep to lift the heavy weights. And if you have doubts or fear, the weight quickly senses that. I’ve had times when I couldn’t move the weight. Came back a few minutes later, focused and picked it up.

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