17 thoughts on “This Is You Being Influenced By Negativity

  1. Love the graphics !
    Simple but powerful. Most people are identified with fear of some kind and this is at the root of their suffering. Negative people often trigger the fear in others which can come in the form of anxiety, stress, panic…
    They may think they have absorbed it from the negative person saying things like “He/she has put me in a bad mood this morning”.
    This is not true. It’s just a bad habit: reacting to negativity and then not letting go of it.

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  2. Yes!! That first line. This realization is what completely transformed my experience here. Recognizing that each and every person I come across is meant to be there to learn from in some form. Sometimes the lesson is blatant. Other times I don’t see it until time has passed. Regardless, they’re catalysts in my own growth and journey to love.

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