Thought for Today: Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck means removing the limitations we experience in the areas of life that annoy us. Whether itโ€™s our work, a relationship, or our finances, our old patterns of behavior condition our perceptions and make us believe our choices are restricted for experiencing the life we want.

We need to release the blockages and frustration that occurs when our attention attaches it to the past or future.


Let’s expand our awareness. Afterwards, limitations on our perceptions dissolve, our options or choices increase, and we find fulfillment internally.

ย Our centering thought for today is:

I am at no time stuck when I live in the present.


14 thoughts on “Thought for Today: Getting Unstuck

  1. Since the Supermoon on 14/11 the messages that are going around is releasing old habits that no longer serves a purpose in our present moment. It’s spreading world wide. Thanks for the share and great post. Love and Light xxxooo

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