Thank You Readers

Thank You.
To stop by my site
and leave behind comments and likes.
You lift me up
You bring a smile to my face
You helped the journey
Of a vision I had in this space.
I thank you and your beautiful heart,
For your true support from the start.

To show my appreciation, I’m spreading some blog love to those with less than 350 readers. I’ll make another bloggers list before end of month.

Have a great weekend!

Infinity Pro Coach – Meet Dave and his world of self-development and personal growth.

Elizabeth Sheel – A lot of her writing is about the use of light in healing.

starts and ends with you – Vernon’s inspirational blog is on life and God’s word.

Let the light in reflections – Laurie speaks from her heart about being  a “cafeteria” catholic.

Dolvella – Darica’s shares her interests and other bits of her life…to include fashion.

heroically bad writers  – Roger is currently writing a series entitled “The Patchwork Warriors”

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