Pepe Le Pew and a Celebration

Yesterday morning, I awoke in the wee hours of the day to use the bathroom with my dog in tow. When I looked back, he was doing the upward facing dog pose.

He looked at me as if he needed to tinkle as well (you know the look) and I led him out to the front of the house. He went to the right of the house to water our tree, and as I was waiting, I felt a presence behind me. When I turned around, I was face to face with a skunk.

I never saw one in person, and my instincts told me to stay still. I looked to my right hoping my dog wouldn’t walk my way and in that instant, the freaking skunk’s tail went up and scurried across our lawn to our neighbor’s house. My dog got a whiff of him and started running after him. Imagine this… I’m chasing my dog, my dog is chasing the skunk, and the skunk is running for his life. In the middle of the street, I saw the skunks tail go up again and I knew I was late.


So we had a run-in with old Pep Le Pew. Hubbs was waiting for us at the front of the house, and we entered. Wow! What a mistake that was.

I couldn’t get his Eue De Parfum out of my nostrils, my clothes, my dog, the house, etc for a while…the horra (that’s the way we NY’ers speak).

Vinegar, baking soda, borax and dish detergent were our best friends – several times over.



My family and I went to celebrate our grandmother’s 89th birthday later that day at Don Coqui’s restaurant. There is NOTHING as wonderful as having family all together in one room. And like most families –we are loud. When the waiter came over with her cake/candle (it was actually a desert called Flan) she started to show us some of her dance moves.  The patrons joined in and began clapping and singing happy birthday with us.


As we were leaving sister #1 came up to me and said:

“I didn’t want to tell you this, but you still have a lingering stench of skunk.”
“I thought I smelled good.”
“Didn’t want to ruin your appetite.”
“But my niece said I smelled fine.”
“She wouldn’t be able to help you. Don’t you know she’s recovering from a cold? Her nose is stuffy.”
“You’re lying.”
She gave me this wicked laugh, turned around and walked towards her car.

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He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Tao Te Ching

27 thoughts on “Pepe Le Pew and a Celebration

  1. Oh, what a hoot. Sorry, but I’ve just had the biggest laugh visualising you chasing the dog chasing the skunk. Just like in the cartoons! Hope you can get rid of the smell 🙂

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