Challenges in Your Path?


If we truly resolve to make this the best year ever, it’s critical that we take every opportunity to address the challenges that are being put in our path.

As we know, life has a way of bringing up what we need to heal and look at. These are the challenges that we are constantly being faced with. But with each challenge comes opportunities to become more aware, learn a lesson and heal. However, many of us keep ourselves so busy that these opportunities are lost and challenges continue to arise. This cycle continues and being overwhelmed is the result.

Over the past few weeks, a very strong energy has enveloped us all. The holidays are notorious for uncovering unhealed wounds and bringing to the surface many emotions and fears. This holiday season was no exception!!! With this, we each were presented with a heightened awareness of what we need to address and it’s up to each of us to decide what to do with it.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to start anew. Don’t push feelings of sadness, fear, anger etc. away and stuff them back down for another year. Eventually these ignored and unresolved emotions can manifest into physical ailments. Be mindful that our bodies are always talking to us. If you are experiencing physical ailments or “dis-ease” you may be given helpful clues to underlying and unresolved emotions that need to be healed.

What physical ailments are challenging you right now? What are you feeling? Are you lonely, depressed, hurt, tired, angry? What underlying beliefs do you have buried so deep that you’re not seeing with clear eyes?

This moment in time, STOP. Take a deep breath and connect to your higher self, your Angels, God or whomever will be best for your highest healing. Pray/meditate or ask for help. They’re speaking to you. The question is, are you finally ready to listen? Are you finally ready to allow yourself to connect to fifth dimensional energy, the energy of love. This energy allows us to live through your heart and be open to receiving and retaining the vibration of love. For love truly is the key to healing and forgiving.

With so many people imprisoned with a fear to something, I decided to start out with a post on this matter.

See you tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Challenges in Your Path?

  1. Lovely post, thanks. I’m going through a kind of hibernation period of introspection which I know is exactly right for me at this moment, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes you just need to read something which reminds you that what’s happening (or not happening!) is exactly right for the current moment.

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