Traversing the Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path is a journey of opening the heart deeply, and aligning one’s life direction to that which truly balances, nurtures, frees and enlightens one’s soul, mind, body and spirit.

The Spiritual Path is activated for a soul when they choose to be guided by the light of their heart and Spirit, with the recognition there is a mystery within all of life, and a greater force at work, beyond the power of Self.

The Spiritual Path requires a Soul to be willing to surrender their attachments and desires, for the attainment of a higher state of communion. As a life path, the fundamentals on the journey are reached by receiving the love and light of God and showering it upon all that you encounter, with wisdom and unconditional love.

This life path is focused on developing one’s heart connection, compassion, love and forgiveness by experiencing ignorance, fear, separation, pain and suffering, both in the world and within one’s own being.

When Spirit is recognized as the essence or divine light inherent in all life, linking all of life, one begins to consciously walk the spiritual path. This progresses when one begins to focus through one’s heart energy to connect with the Source of all life, the love, light and divinity of all That Is, to seek the Divine within ourselves.

The spiritual path is exactly where it’s always been–right under your feet.

3 thoughts on “Traversing the Spiritual Path

  1. Beautifully put. Our spiritual journey is a very wonderful journey. It is one of awakening, joy, strength and growth. Plus it can only be experienced with an open mind. I wish people could awaken and experience their spiritual path.

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