Blogging Resolution for 2016


I don’t usually make New Years resolution on a personal level (because I don’t believe I have to wait for this day to make a change) but decided to do so for this blog.

Writing, for me, is all about connection, and nothing creates connection like open-hearted honesty. The joy of blogging comes from the people I meet through my writing and the comments and support I get when I share something you like. So don’t stop…don’t stop…keep em’ coming.

My resolution is to:

Improve my creativity through various forms; poetry, journaling, etc., read more and continue writing posts that will inspire and encourage you in our journey together.

I give kudos to those who blog  I did for the last month and I felt a tad over-whelmed at the home stretch. With that in mind, I am going to post as much as I can and with my free time visit more blogs and leave  thoughtful comments on others’ posts.There are a lot of blogs that I genuinely adore, and I need to do a better job of showing my appreciation for them. Isn’t that what a blogging relationship is all about, giving support to each other?

Would love to include guest or contributing writers. Do I see your hand raised in the back of the room?

We have a connection and this is a community of wonderful people.

To a great year filled with love, kindness, prosperity and years and years of great health!!



15 thoughts on “Blogging Resolution for 2016

  1. Great blog! Love your creativity already! I’ve just written a blog about not changing for the new year! I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be even better, when we’re pretty good as we are! I hope you meet your goals & get your desk tidied! I’m adding that to my list. Happy New Year! X

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  2. I s ee many things on your list that really I need to look at too – some I have not heard of, like what is a Portfolio option for images ? I thought I was clearing Media cobwebs early this year and lost most of the images in my posts as a consequence. Didn’t know what I was doing 😦 Thought of doing the same scares me now, it was so much work to restore them all !
    Happy New year!

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    1. I noticed when I deleted a photo/image from my media content it was also removed from my posts. Ugh! There are a few themes with free portfolio options to keep your posts/images categorized. I don’t have that feature in my current theme. Happy New Year! 🎈

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  3. Great post. I like the blog resolution graphic, especially when I got to the bottom and saw “tidy up desk” – that made me laugh. Glad it’s at the bottom!


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